VERBUND is Austria's largest power provider and one of the most profitable producers of electricity from Hydropower in Europe. VERBUND generates more than four-fifths of the electricity from hydropower. The largest shareholder of the group is the Republic of Austria with 51%. Together with its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND covers all sectors of energy supply - from the production, transportation and transmission of electricity to international sales and electricity retail. VERBUND is dedicated to develop and introduce smart energy services inculding charging services for EV drivers. VERBUND coordinates large scale e-mobility projects with national and international partners.


In 2014, the BMW Group sold approximately 2.118 million cars and 123,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax for the financial year 2013 was € 7.91 billion on revenues amounting to approximately € 76.06 billion. As of 31 December 2013, the BMW Group had a workforce of 110,351 employees. The BMW headquarters are located in Munich. In Munich, BMW operates its own research and development centre, called FIZ (Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum - Research and Innovation Centre), in which approximately 10.900 engineers are developing future cars and are conducting research and predevelopment on various fields of vehicle, systems and infrastructure design. BMW Group´s expenditures for R&D summed up to € 3.9 billion in 2012. Since BMW has a long tradition in participating in joint research, its associates are very well experienced in conducting and participating in national and European joint research programmes as well as in TEN-T projects. BMW has commercially launched the electric BMW i3 and the plug-in hybrid sports car BMW i8 and is preparing to follow up its innovative BMW i models with plug-in hybrid versions of the core-brand models. With the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio, BMW offers products and services that cover all relevant aspects around electric driving. It icludes home and public charging, renewable energy offers, connectivity services, the option of using conventional cars for long-distance trips and more.


Nissan has one of the most comprehensive European presences of any overseas manufacturer, employing more than 17,600 staff across locally-based design, research & development, manufacturing, logistics and sales & marketing operations. Last financial year Nissan plants in the UK, Spain and Russia produced more than 675,000 vehicles includig award-winning crossovers, small cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles and electric vehicles, including the Nissan LEAF, the world's most popular electric vehicle with 96% of customers willing to recommend the cra to friends. Nissan now offers a strong line-up of 23 diverse and innovative models in Europe under the Nissan and Datsun brands.


Renault group has been making cars since 1898. It designs, manufactures and markets vehicles under three brands: Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors. Operating in 115 countries with 38 production sites and 13,300 sales outlets, Renault offers a broad range of innovative, safe and increasingly environment friendly vehicles. As part of its Renault 2016 – Drive the Change strategic plan, Renault has committed to cutting its carbon footprint by 10% between 2011 and 2013, plus a further 10% between 2013 and 2016. Electric vehicles - with a range of four electric vehicles (Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E., Twizy and ZOE), meeting a multitude of personal and professional requirements, Renault is already number one on the European market (27.5% market share at end-2012).


Volkswagen (VW) is a German automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. Volkswagen is the original and top-selling brand of the Volkswagen Group, the biggest German automaker and the second largest automaker in the world. Volkswagen Group is one of the world's largest and most active automakers, annually investing a significant share of its revenues in the development of new technologies for the automotive industry. In recent years, research and development activities of the Volkswagen Group focused on the development of eco-friendly, safe, fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles. Volkswagen also has experience in the coordination of and participation in national and EC funded projects and networks involving European car manufacturers, suppliers, research organisations and universities.


Founded in 1965, OMV group is an integrated, international oil and gas company with three core business segments: Exploration & Production (E&P), Gas & Power (G&P) and Refining and Marketing including petrochemicals (R&M). In R&M, OMV has approximately 4,400 filling stations in 13 countries. With strong retail brands, a high quality non-oil business (VIVA) and an efficient commercial business, OMV has a leading positon in its markets. In Central Europe, OMV is the leading player based on its marketing strategy and supply infrastructure including tank farms and supply agreements. In the majority of Southern and South Eastern European contries, OMV is aming the top 3 operators in the filling station market.


SMATRICS, a joint venture of VERBUND and Siemens Austria, is the first provider who offers a high performance charging infrastructure for electric vehicles all over Austria with electricity coming from 100% renewable energy. At present the SMATRICS charging network consists of more than 140 charging points spread across all of Austria within a radius of around 60km allowing for a fully electric and ecologically sustainable mobility from Vienna in the East to Bregenz in the West. Tailor-made mobility packages for private customers and companies include installation, implementation, maintenance and management of charging points. All is accompanied by innovative information & assistance services such as mobile app with charging spot finder, router and real-time status information, 24/7 customer hotline and a number of additional services. Offerings start at €14,90 /month.


Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. (ZSE) is a leading energy company in Slovakia. In 2002 it became a part of the German energy group E.ON. ZSE provides customer services including invoicing for all types of customers – residential customers, commercial customers and strategic Slovak companies. ZSE is the dominant energy provider in Slovakia with almost 1 million customers. It is owned by E.ON which is Germany's largest Energy company. As the major energy utility in Slovakia, ZSE is also active in collaborative projects with academic partners and other commercial entities. Among the most significant ones dealing with e-mobility are the Competence Center, VIBRATe and Crossing Borders funded projects. E.ON is active in e-mobilty projects in Germany (e.g. SLAM and A9), operates EV charging network in Denmark, and has already deployed its first EV charging facilities in Slovakia.


The City of Zagreb is the largest city in the Republic of Croatia and its capital. The City has vast experience with implementation of various IEE and ICT projects (such as E4M, LEAP, i-SCOPE, PassREg, Ele.C.Tra, EURONET 50/50 and ZagEE). The City of Zagreb has been active on the international plan through its membership in international and intercity organizations and associations (Eurocities, Energy Cities, The Assembly of the European Regions – AER, Metropolis, Major Cities of Europe IT Users' Group, Impacts, Union of the capital cities of the central and south-eastern Europe etc.) and by participating in numerous international conferences on the development and advancing of local self-administration and on the projects important for the development of the city.


Bayern Innovativ was founded in 1995 at the initiative and ownership of the Bavarian state government in order to drive innovations in small- and medium-sized enterprises in particular. It brings together experts from industriy and science at all levels of the value chain and offers customised services to help them to close existing gaps in technologies, supply chains and sales channels. The networks of Bayern Innovativ presently comprise some 80.000 experts from 40.000 companies and research institutes and 80 partner network organisations. The activities center on digitalisation, energy, health, material and mobility - five focal areas with significant future potential.


The Ministry of Transport of Slovenia carries out duties relating to railway, maritime and air transport, inland navigation and road transport, with the exception of the supervision of the safety of road transport, and to transport infrastructure, cable cars and ski lifts. Slovenian Roads Agency, supervised by the Ministry of Transport, performs expert, technical, organisational and developmental tasks. These tasks relate to the construction, maintenance and care for public roads; control of the state of the roads; cargo and passenger road transport; the homologation of vehicles; the keeping of records on public roads and traffic on them, and management duties concerning safety measures for public roads and the traffic on them.


GreenWay is a socially responsible company guided by the idea that the eco-friendly business activities can be economically advantageous. To comprehend GreenWay is key to understanding the GreenWay service. The service is meant to meet the needs of a client: transport, and in a very comprehensive manner, based on the clients' payment for actually driven kilometres. The company develops, builds and operates charging and battery swap infrastructures or buys EVs with their subsequent lease to the clients; he provides technical service to leased vehicles as a part of the package; it develops and operates auxiliary communication system and provides the clients with full technical service and other support so they can maximize their mileage in the company's system. Based on the gradual growth of the car fleet GreenWay started to build the necessary infrastructure and cover individual localities to create a continuous network used by the clients. The ambition of the GreenWay is to establish itself in the Slovak market and abroad. In the near future we plan to expand into Austria and in the Czech Republic.


Schrack Technik Slovakia is part of the company with HQ in Vienna, Austria and direct subsidiaries in 13 CEE countries with 100 years of history in electric and energy-related production. The range includes products and solutions for low and middle-voltage installations, IT, renewables and lighting. A significant part of the product range consists of smart meters and advanced metering systems for automated remote collection of quantitative and qualitative data on electricity. Schrack Technik belongs to the pioneers of the EV infrastructure development in the region with applications in Austria, Slovakia and other CEE countries. In Slovakia, Schrack Technik is a partner in the EU-funded project focused on the research in smart grids and e-mobility (Smart Grid Competence Center). It is a founding member of the Slovak Electric Vehicles Association and EMOCITY cluster focused on R&D and innovations in e-mobility and smart city.


SODO Slovenia is a Slovenian Electricity Distribution System Operator. It is the only one who has a concession on the electicity distribution operator in Slovenia. The only shareholder of SODO is the Republic of Slovenia with 100%. Together with its partners, SODO covers a distribution sector of energy supply to 933.000 electricity end-users. Under the Slovenian Energy Act, SODO is dedicated to install fast-charging stations on the Slovenian Highways for EV drivers.


The Petrol Group is the largest and leading Slovenian energy company, the principal strategic supplier of petroleum products and other energy products in Slovenia, the largest group in terms of turnover, one of the largest Slovenian companies in terms of profit and one of the most successful business entities in Slovenia at the same time. With its clearly defined strategic orientation and development priorities it actively participates in shaping the Slovenian energy environment, currently also becoming an important player on the energy markets of the wider region of South-Eastern Europe. Petrol is particularly distiguished for the quality of its products and services, its great reputation, highly recognised brands and solid financial position. The company is engaged in four key business areas: sale of oil products and other merchandise; sale and distribution of gas; production, sale and distribution of electricity and other energy; environmental and energy solutions. Its entire operation is based on promoting business excellence or on following and respecting modern market demands in the service and environmental protection fields. Petrol's highly motivated and business oriented employees feel a deep sense of responsibility towards their customers, suppliers, business partners, owners and the company as a whole; they meet their expectations through considering fundamental legislative regulations and ethical rules of Slovenian society, through conforming to European standards and acting in accordance with environmental legislaion. Petrol joint the CEGC consortium as an associated partner and is responsible for charging network locations in Slovenia.


AustriaTech is he Austrian transport agency owned by the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. AustriaTech has a 10 year history of being involved in many national and international transport innovation activities and has also become the national contact point for electric mobility in Austria. Activities range from technical support for funding programmes to monitoring of national and international developments to the coordination of the nation-wide transposition process of the AFI directive on the deployment of infrastructure for alternative fuels. A key aspect of our work it the strong cooperation and involvement with stakeholders on all levels, therefore AustriaTech has joined the CEGC consortium as an associated partner.